Missions Abroad

And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.’”
Mark 16:15

City Life is affiliated with projects in India and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


The John Project

The John Foundation was established in 2007 with the goal of transforming lives and bringing hope. In June 2007, a pastor saw a father leaving two girls on a road near Hyderabad. When he confronted him, the father told him that he no longer had the resources to provide for his five children. He was abandoning them on the streets of Hyderabad hoping they could beg and find some food to survive. Astonished and unsure what to do, the pastor brought the two girls to Saji and Cynthia John.

While we had no infrastructure, funding, or staff to take care of these girls, we knew that if they were left on the street, they would soon be trafficked. This was the beginning of The John Foundation. Over the last 15 years, children and women from various at-risk backgrounds including orphans, semi-orphans, school dropouts, children rescued from trafficking, girls rescued from temple prostitution, children affected by HIV/AIDS, children from low-income families, single mothers and widows have received a safe home and undergone a wide range of education and skill development courses at John Foundation.

What began with two kids in June 2007 has since grown and today we run:

  1. 24 children’s homes where 262 kids receive a safe home, loving care and mentoring, healthy food and good quality, English medium education
  2. 23 tuition centres where 690 children from first generation school going families receive after school academic help and tutorials to help them with their lessons ensuring that they do not drop out of school
  3. 650 children of widows and single mothers kept in school through monthly financial support towards the school tuition fees
  4. John’s Academy School providing education for close to 300 kids with capacity due to increase to 550 in the coming years
  5. An Employable Skills Training Program for school drop-out girls and single mothers: Over 8000 trained so far and another 1280 will graduate in 2022
  6. Asha Restoration Homes for young girls: 200+ have gone through our rescue and rehabilitation program.
  7. Two homes for HIV/AIDS children and young girls

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Our representatives for this project are City Life members Jacques and Liliane Kalenga, who are originally from the DRC. We are affiliated with “La Vie Abondante” Church in the Kasai Oriental province in Mbuji Mayi town. La Vie Abondante is run by Senior Pastor Kabundji Tshitenda Hilaire and his wife Georgette.

The objective of this project is to make the local community self-sufficient. We aim to achieve this by helping them to acquire their own land for farming and building a church, a health centre and a school.

Thank you for your support!
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DRC Mission Latest Update
The City Life DRC mission project recently purchased a generator for La Vie Abondante so they can now stop hiring electricity from other sources.

Shalom Project

Mayapuri Slum is one of the largest slums in India and is situated in the capital city of New Delhi. The Shalom Project aims to feed children living in the slum and provide them with an education that will help them towards a better future.

The Shalom Project is led by Pastor Das.